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Ask for help!

Being a parent wherever you live and in any circumstances is not easy. Many parents feel overwhelmed by the pressures of family life with children, especially if they are too young. Very often, additional difficulties such as a divorce, a disability or an illness, come to burden the situation further. It is even more difficult if your family or friends when you need them, can not provide you with the necessary support and vital space to breathe. Some parents lose confidence in their strength to cope with their daily routine or their particular problems, and most remember days when they would like someone to be there for them. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.


Home-Start is a service that offers you this helping hand.


What exactly does Home-Start offer to a family?

A trained volunteer, usually with parental experience, who, under the guidance of a professional, is linked to a family that she/he regularly visits (once a week for 2-3 hours) and shares his/her parental experience with them with the purpose of preventing the difficulties developing into crisis and the crisis leading to the dissolution of the family. Also, the objective is to strengthen the family members’ self-confidence and self-reliance and integrate smoothly into their social and work environment. Furthermore, the aim is improving the parents’ skills to be able to respond to their parental role. 


The content of the support provided by the volunteer adjusts each time to the needs of the family on the basis of which a plan of support is developed that the professional (volunteer mentor), the volunteer and the parent agree to follow.


Read different support stories to help you understand how Home-Start can help you.

Which families can contact Home-Start for support?

Every family with at least one preschool child who:


  • fights and has difficulty in coping with the emotional and practical requirements that  children may have 

  • is burdened with additional issues such as health problems, disability, single parenthood, a big number of children, immigration, social marginalization and more

  • Has encountered important changes or issues that cannot adequately handle such as postnatal depression, divorce, family problems or the death of an important person


Remember: Home-Start will be with you because you have called it and will remain with you as long as you wish.

Home-Start supports every family that needs it regardless of origin, religion and cultural identity.


If you live in Athens or Piraeus (unfortunately in this phase there are no Home-Start service in other areas) ask for help!

I felt the earth slipping under my feet. Now I have matured, I changed


 I was like a wild animal, now I take care of my daughter alone,  I have calmed down,  I feel good, I fight


The volunteer helped me to see things differently,  to put aside  bad feelings and overcome the  bad energy as regards my husband

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