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Become a Home-Start supporter!

If you believe in Home-Start and its ability to effectively support vulnerable families by improving their quality of life, do help us develop so that we can reach more families. There are many ways you can become a Home-Start supporter and thus help our goals.

Do you want to offer some hours of voluntary work at Home-Start?

Of course, you can join the core  Home-Start volunteer team who offer volunteer work to families (look at the volunteer page). If this type of work does not  suit you, you can, depending on your skills, experience and interests, offer voluntary work in other areas such as:


  • In developing communication, social media and service visibility

  • In organizing events

  • In the training of volunteers

  • In connecting Home-Start with key people (donors, key decision makers, people with professional networks etc.)

  • In the social networking of the organization

  • In research and documentation

  • In fund-raising

  • In financial management and administration

  • In formulating proposals and positions


Do you want to support Home-Start?

Our organization does not receive any kind of government subsidy and relies heavily on the financial support provided by ordinary citizens who recognize and appreciate our work.

Do you want to help raise funds?

A more indirect way of financial support is to become a fundraiser, that is, to take or to engage in actions that can bring funds to the organization. There are many ideas that can be implemented and generate revenue for Home-Start such as:


  • Organizing events or participating in events  where Home-Start products or third-party products are on sale and where the  proceeds go to Home-Start

  • Participating in athletic events i.e. marathon races where friends and others support an athlete with financial offers to Home-Start

  • Organizing an online campaign to raise funds for a specific purpose

  • Organizing annual events with lotteries (in cooperation with professional or other networks)

  • Organizing auctions with objects donated by friends, relatives and partners

  • Gathering from friends and selling used products or antiques, for example,  in the garage of a house

  • Organizing a festive gathering or party where you ask guests instead of a gift to contribute to Home-Start

  • Working with theatre promoting agencies so that a small amount of a play’s revenue goes to Home-Start

  • Working with schools to donate to  Home-Start  their revenue from their Christmas bazaar


And you can think of thousands of other ideas!


Make use of your network of friends, relatives and partners to achieve your purpose. The teams are the ones that always bring results.



Collaboration with companies

Many companies around the world support Home-Start helping thus to improve the quality of life of the families and especially children, while promoting their positive social profile.


Indicative examples from the Home-Start of the United Kingdom:


  • An online retail company at every sale offers a small amount to a non-governmental organization (Home-Start is one of the organizations). The choice of the organization is made by the customer.


  • A company that sells home items made an agreement with Home-Start and allows the sale of Home-Start products  in its premises as part of a national campaign to promote the service (Home-Start UK snowflake campaign)


  • An investment company subsidizes two Christmas concerts a year whose revenue goes to Home-Start. Concerts have been established as an annual and socially awaited institution.


  • A company that runs private kindergartens, mainly through its employees, develops a variety of fund-raising actions and promotes the snowflake campaign.


  • An international online handicraft company promoted the knitting of snowflakes as decorative Christmas ornaments in the context of  Home-Start UK snowflake campaign.


  • Other companies give a portion of the sales income from specific products to Home-Start, creating special pages on their website.


  • An IT company provided free support for the development software for volunteer work while its employees through various activities raised funds for Home-Start.


  • Some of the companies that support Home-Start financially are also active in promoting their image and advertising it.


If you are a company executive or a simple employee who wants to mobilize your company and colleagues in a joint effort to change the lives of children, contact us! There are many ways of working together that we can discuss so that we can build a relationship that fits and benefits both parties. Remember, not only the recipient but also the donor can benefit. For example, by encouraging your employees to work collectively to raise funds, you reinforce team spirit and morale, things that improve their commitment to the company, while at the same time you build a positive image for your company i.e. that is really interested to give children a better start in their lives.




Perhaps it is not very widespread in our country that not only rich people but also people with medium or small incomes to leave in their will something for a not for profit organization. We know that our loved ones are coming first, but even a small amount to Home-Start can make a difference in improving a child's life.


If you choose to leave something in your will to promote our work, you can choose (if you wish) and note in your will what you want to help with the amount you leave. Areas to which you can help with your inheritance are the following:

  • Volunteer training

  • Strengthening specific categories of families (poor, large, handicapped or sick members, single-parent ones or with a depressed member)

  • Training of parents  


Be assured that we will treat with respect and care your kind donation and that we will make sure that it is used for the purpose you wish.


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