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Develop a Home-Start Service in your area or in the context of your organisation

If you've seen things in Home-Start that touch you and if you are convinced by the Home-Start approach and its outcomes, think whether you can develop a Home-Start service in your area or within your organisation. Home-Start Hellas, which is the national office of Home-Start services in our country and ensures that all local services meet international quality standards, will explain the process, the support you can get in your effort and the benefits but also the obligations of the organisation that develops a Home-Start service.


Our international experience has shown that, very often, it only takes a person with vision, passion and a will to change the world for the better to develop a Home-Start service in an area. 


In summary, Home-Start schemes are implemented either within the context of non-profit organizations set up for this purpose or within the context of operating organizations whose purpose, values and orientation are consistent with those of Home-Start.


Home-Start Hellas provides significant support to individuals /groups/organizations who want to develop a Home-Start scheme. This support includes:


• Guidance at all stages of development

• Informing local groups and agencies - Explain the benefits of the service for collaborating  organizations and the local community

• Providing training for the management executives of the partner organisation that will develop the Home-Start scheme

• Providing training for the first scheme professionals

• Helping in training the first volunteers

• Provision of the Home-Start Policy and Practice Guide, the International Home-Start Quality Standards and the Volunteer Training Guide

• Approval of the use of the International Home-Start name/logo

• Upon request, guidance on fundraising, local network development and other


With organizations that want to develop a Home-Start scheme, Home-Start Hellas signs a co-operation agreement that clarifies the roles of each and ensures that the organisation adheres to the Home-Start approach and practice.


Home-Start responds to the needs of a local community or the particular interests of the implementing organization and as long as international quality standards allow it, it adapts its approach to these needs or develops complementary services to the family besides home visits.

By developing a Home-Start scheme, an organisation becomes part of the international Home-Start network and will have the opportunity to learn from the international experience of good practices that Home-Start schemes implement in other countries or to participate in exchange programmes.​


Home-Start Hellas through its Consultants will answer any question that would help improve the quality of life of families with young children in an area through the implementation of a Home-Start scheme.

All our relationships within and outside Home-Start are based on good communication, respect and trust
Our Mission
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