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Who we are and What we do

What exactly does Home-Start offer?

Home-Start addresses families with young children who feel pressure or find it difficult to deal with their daily life because of financial problems, divorce, inter-family relationships, a member’s disability, illness or death, postpartum depression, immigration and social marginalization, loneliness, a large number of children and many other reasons. Home-Start  provides the family with a trained volunteer who usually has  parental experience and who, under the guidance of a professional, is linked to a family which she/he regularly visits (once a week for 2-3 hours) sharing her/his parental experience and working with the parents to help them cope with the pressures of life, create a positive family environment, develop their skills and  confidence and get the strength they need in order to help their children and provide them with better prospects in life.


Home-Start in the world, as the years pass, has enriched its core home-visiting activity with new approaches and complementary activities such as parent groups, parent training, drop-in centres for families, special programmes for the integration of children in the school environment, activities for immigrants and other. It also collaborates with other services to better serve families.

Home-Start is an international programme


Home-Start is an international programme launched in 1973 in the United Kingdom by Margaret Harrison and is currently being implemented in 23 countries across five continents serving annually over 40000 families and 80000 children through 20000 volunteers.


All Home-Start schemes around the world are linked to each other through UK-based Home-Start Worldwide. This organization sets international quality standards, including standards for the safeguarding  and protection of children and vulnerable adults, that all Home-Start schemes around the world have to follow. It also helps to exchange good practice between Home-Starts, produces educational material, organizes conferences and supports the development of  Home-Start in new countries.

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