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Seminars - training

Home-Start Hellas has long experience in volunteer training. Since the end of 2020, with the expansion of its statutory purposes, it has been organizing seminars not only for volunteers but also for other professionals and the general public on issues related to its knowledge and experience, namely family and child and family support.

Our audience

The seminars are addressed to:

  • Parents and couples

  • Professionals of various  categories in the fields of welfare, health, education and social policy (self-employed, public employees and civil society actors, unemployed)

  • Students and volunteers in the above fields

  • Wider categories of audience interested in the specific topics we propose


Subject matter

Apart from the issues related to family, child and family support,  seminars can also be organized on topics of horizontal interest such as social program planning, volunteering, personal data protection, crisis management, etc.


The aim of the seminars is:


a) to sensitize and inform the participants on specific issues  and


b) to enhance the knowledge and skills of those involved in specific areas  with informal forms of education.

Video Conference

Express your interest in informing us about our educational activities

Thank you for your interest

The seminars can be provided online or live, be  short-term or longer-term and have an informative  or a more educational character. For some of the seminars, financial participation will be requested to cover the costs of organizing them and to have income for the family support project which is the core of the Home-Start work.


To ensure the operating standards of the seminars it organizes, the  Home-Start  Hellas has set up a scientific committee consisting of highly qualified scientists, while other scientists contribute to its work as education consultants. See here the role of the committee as well as the names and brief CVs of the committee members and training consultants.

seminar submission
Seminars we organized recently


Seminar on Volunteering

Social planning of NGO programs and voluntary organizations

Intercultural skills and empowerment of users and professionals of care and psychosocial support services

Intercultural skills and empowerment of users and professionals of care and psychosocial support services

We believe that every person and every family has strengths that need to be revealed and cultivated.

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