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Our Mission- Our Vision-Our Values

our mission

Home-Start Hellas helps families and children in our country by contributing to sustainable development and operation, based on quality standards, of Home-Start services. For this purpose, it works with organizations and groups of people who want to run a Home-Start scheme in their area or within their organization.

our vision

To see vulnerable families in our country receiving the help they need in order to give their children a safe and healthy start in their lives.

our values

  • We respect the rights of the child as expressed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  • We respect the principle of confidentiality, recognizing that information about each family is confidential, should be kept only within Home-Start or in the organization that hosts a Home-Start scheme and will only be revealed with the consent of the parents unless the child's safety is in danger.

  • We apply the principles of equal opportunities, equity and respect for diversity in all our areas of activity (staff, volunteers, families).

  • We respect the identity and rights of each person and family we serve and oppose any kind of discrimination based on ethnic origin, religion, culture, physical condition, gender identity, sexual orientation, family circumstances or any other factor.

  • We approach families with understanding and do not judge them. We believe that every person and every family has strengths that need to be revealed and cultivated.

  • We are flexible and respond to family needs by giving choices to families.

  • We believe in cooperation and mutual respect (with families, volunteers, partners).

  • We work in a spirit of transparency, encouragement and positive mood. All our relationships within and outside Home-Start are based on good communication, respect and trust.

  • We promote gender equality in the family and society.

  • We believe in transparency and evaluation in our work, as well as in the value of lifelong learning.


We believe that every person and every family has strengths that need to be revealed and cultivated.

Our Mission
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